Joining a new church isn’t always easy. You might have questions about our church, the way we do things and our different ministries.

Who do you ask? Where can you find the answers? Is this church okay? What if I am sure about some things and not sure about others? Will the church leaders mind if I ask questions?

Belonging is for those who want to get up to speed or want a refresher on what SMACC is all about. We want to be clear about our theology and our life together as a community. Belonging takes us back to our roots, helping us to see how the good news of Jesus is foundational to all we do as His disciples, together.

In this course, a member of the pastoral team will take you through questions and areas including the following:

  • Who are we as a church?
  • Why do we meet?
  • What is our role together and on our own as Christians in KL?
  • What role does the Bible play?
  • What ministries take place?
  • How can I be involved?