The cathedral that we are a part of has a ministry for children and youth from creche to adulthood.

Kids Church (ages 0-12)

Kids Church meets at 10:30am on Sunday mornings for

  • Gospel-centered
  • Bible-based
  • Age-appropriate teaching
Supervised Crèche

A safe play space for infants and toddlers and supervised by trained carers. In addition, there is a changing table with supplies for your convenience, a baby swing, and for nursing mothers, a nursing pillow and chairs.

3-4 years

Lessons are taught by a minimum of 3 teachers, beginning with a short playtime followed by singing and Bible teaching from God’s word in a simple and interactive way. Our goal is to introduce children to God and Jesus. You are welcome to leave your child with us, though are also welcome to stay if your child is unsettled.

5-6 years

Lessons are led by at least 2 teachers each week. Lessons begin with singing, prayer and games, followed by an interactive teaching time from God’s word, which is then reinforced with various activities including singing, games, craft and prayers. Our goal is to introduce the children to the main story of the Bible, and help them begin trusting in Jesus.

7-9 years

Children begin their time at church within the service, participating in the service until the greeting time (SMACC) or gradual hymn (liturgical service). Children spend time being taught God’s word and learning more about trusting and following Jesus. Lessons are interactive, and includes games, songs and activities. Our goal is to help children begin reading the Bible for themselves and trust Christ as Saviour and Lord.

10-12 years

Children begin their time at church within the service, participating in the service until the greeting time (SMACC) or gradual hymn (liturgical service). For this age group, we encourage the children to engage directly in the study of God’s word, and to work out for themselves what it means to follow Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord. Children become confident in finding their way around the bible and are encouraged to read out in class if they are able. We spend time sharing and discussing application of God’s word often using puzzles and games to introduce or reinforce the topic.

Youth Fellowship

Children from 13 to 17 years currently meet at 10:30am on Sunday mornings.

We meet together to study God’s Word and pray in a fun and interactive way. We have been meeting over the year to study the book of Mark as well as looking at what the Bible has to say about certain topics such as boy-girl relationships etc.

We do not have a youth meeting on the first Sunday of the month. On the first Sunday of the month we encourage the youth to attend a service, mingle with the general congregation as well as serve in various ways during the services.

In addition to Sunday meetings there are many activities that the youth take part in including socials, ministry trips to local refugee schools and care homes, youth camps and youth stay-overs.

Please do ask at the welcome desk for more information and an usher will introduce you to the youth leaders.

Additional Activities

Throughout the year the children have opportunities to learn more about Jesus in other ways outside of Sunday services. At SMAGOW they have their own programme throughout the weekend with focused teaching, games and activities.

Each year the children work hard to share the Gospel through the Christmas story. They have a Christmas party where they put on their performance and invite their Christian and non-Christian friends and their parents to come along and hear about Christmas and join in some games and activities.

We also run seminars/talks on Parenting to help parents to think biblically about raising their children.

Chidlren and youth are an active part of our community life and on the weeks when there are no groups they participate in serving the wider community during the Sunday service.

For more information on children or youth ministry please contact us.