At SMACC we are keen to all be growing in knowing, loving and serving God. We understand that the body grows as each member does its part, having been equipped by ministries of the Word.

We seek to do this through sharing the Gospel with people (evangelism), establishing one another in the faith, nurturing each other to maturity in Christ and training ourselves to be able to do all of these things. We also seek to be doing these things within our SMACC community as well as in other ministries outside of the Cathedral.

Here are some of the ways in which we are seek to evangelise, establish, nurture and train so that we are equipped to be able to serve and grow together.

  • Sunday Services

    Meeting together on Sundays forms the core of our weekly activities as we seek to establish ourselves in the faith. 

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  • Growth GroupsGrowth Groups

    Studying the bible together in smaller groups is an extension of our Sunday services where groups of people meet weekly in various parts of Klang Valley.

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  • TrainingTraining

    Training is a key part of our strategy as we want more and more people to be involved in ministry.

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  • Children and Youth

    Children and Youth

    The Cathedral that we are a part of has a ministry for children and youth from crèche to adulthood.

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  • Student Ministry

    Student Ministry

    University and College Fellowship (UCF) is our campus ministry for anyone who is studying at College and university.

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  • Workplace Ministry

    Workplace Ministry

    Workplace Ministry’s aim is to get Christians together to remember the gospel and the bearing it should have on our lives as workers.

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  • CWBS

    Women’s Ministry

    CWBS exists for ladies to get to know God better through his word and encourage each other in their walk with him.

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    Evangelistic Courses and Events

    Throughout the year the Cathedral runs a number of different events to help people find out more about God

  • Belonging


    Belonging is for those who want to get up to speed or want a refresher on what SMACC is all about.

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