Meeting together on Sundays forms the core of our weekly activities as we seek to establish ourselves in the faith and be nurtured to maturity in Christ through God’s word and fellowship with each other.

Hearing and responding together to God’s Word is central to what we do at SMACC. Our sermons are expository in nature – we systematically work through parts of the Bible to see what God is saying to us through them. We try to work from Scripture rather than imposing our own ideas on Scripture. To listen talks or subscribe to our podcast, please visit our Sermon Downloads page.

We have two services on a Sunday:

  • SMACC 1

    SMACC 1 meets for Sunday morning church at 10:30am

    The services has a wide age range and includes young adults, families and some older people as well.

    SMACC1 is held in the Multi-purpose hall at St.Mary’s Cathedral.

  • SMACC 2

    SMACC 2 meets for Sunday evening church at 5pm

    The largest age group at this service are under 40 but older people are just as welcome!

    SMACC2 is held in the Multi-purpose hall at St.Mary’s Cathedral.

Most of the people who come to SMACC are Christians – we trust in Jesus Christ as our Saviour who died for us on the cross and our Lord who rules us by his Word.

We also have friends who come who are not Christians but are interested in finding out what following Jesus is all about. All are very welcome at our services.

While the majority of our people are locals, we also have regulars from many different parts of the world, particularly at SMACC1. God has brought us together as an international gathering – united by faith in Jesus Christ and love for his people.