Training is a key part of our strategy as we want more and more people to be involved in ministry. It is clear from Scripture that the body builds itself up in love. However, we cannot expect people to do things they have not been trained to do. Hence, we recognize the importance of equipping and training our congregation members to be serving God as they serve one another. Training in SMACC focuses on both theological understanding and ministry skills. While we have programs and processes for training, we are also convinced that the heart of training is personal and relational. There is no substitute for each of us looking for appropriate people we can help and train in whatever ministry we are involved in and prioritizing that.

Our main formal training is the cathedral’s Tuesday Night Training (TNT) programme. The cathedral also runs regular training seminars to train us in the Bible, theology and ministry skills. We also have specific training for our leaders.

Our cathedral runs a training programme each term that covers both theological training and ministry skill. Some ministry skills subjects we run include Personal Follow up Training, Growth Groups Training, Two ways to live, Administry, Pastoral care.

We also run theological training modules made available from the external studies department of Moore Theological College (through its local agents, Equip Gospel Ministries). We offer modules each term on Books of the Bible, Christian Doctrine and Church History. Most people in the cathedral congregations are encouraged to completed the ‘Bible Overview’ which is the first module of the course. This helps us see how the whole Bible fits together and in centred on the Lord Jesus Christ. People then decide if they want to go to do more modules in the course.